There is a lot to consider when looking to buy or sell real estate in Las Vegas; things like financing, market conditions, future projections, rental rates & cash flow, or how to sell quickly for the best price our market will provide.

I look forward to assisting you in navigating all the exciting options available to you in your real estate journey.  Whether you’re looking to sell today, or possibly buy in six months, contacting me today will allow us get your process in order to help make your transaction as smooth & prosperous as possible.

First licensed in Michigan, in 1999 and with a background in mortgage finance (2005), and long family history of real estate transactions of all kinds; I’m familiar with many different paths to success through real estate as a vehicle.  Whether you’re looking to buy your first home & stop making your landlord rich, or looking to buy investment property and become the landlord whose tenants make them rich, I’ve been in your shoes & look forward to helping you.

Call 702-686-2036or e-mail me today at SteveChristmas@gmail.com & lets talk about what you’d like to do & the different options for helping you achieve your goals in a way that’s most beneficial to you.

I look forward to speaking with you soon & have a great day!

~Steve Christmas